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Welcome to, our simple website that will tell you everything you need to know about us and our all natural, AMERICAN-made jerky products. Please take a few moments to browse around and get to know us, what we’re about, and why we are EXTREMELY confident that you’ll never buy from another supplier again once you try our natural chicken jerky dog treats. They’re really THAT good!

How We Got Started…

We launched this website in mid-2012 after the reports of dogs being poisoned (and many even dieing) from imported dog treats made in china; specifically “chicken jerky” products. While we had been selling locally for quite some time, we had no idea there was such a massive calling for all natural, USA-made dog treats. That was when we figured out that we actually had a worthwhile product that people not only wanted, but NEEDED — something that dog owners could feel entirely safe & comfortable with when they fed it to their beloved dogs.

1lb Chicken Jerky

1lb Beef Jerky

1lb Pork Jerky

1lb Sweet Potato

1lb Pig Ear Slivers

1lb Pig Ear Slivers

Are Our Products Really All Natural?

Yes, they most certainly are. We don’t use any chemicals, any preservatives, or fillers in our jerky products. Everything is 100% natural and healthy for your dogs. Not only is it all natural, but it’s ACTUAL chicken breast! Not chicken parts or chicken by-products, but a whole breast of chicken. The same goes for our pork jerky, beef jerky, and our sweet potato treats…. which are actually made from REAL pork, REAL beef, and REAL sweet potatoes.

What Other Products Do You Offer Besides Chicken Jerky For Dogs?

What Our Chicken Jerky Looks Like!

The chicken jerky is without a doubt our flagship product and we promote that to our customers more than anything else. The reason being is that no dog seems capable of turning these chicken jerky treats away. They ALWAYS gobble them up without hesitation, unlike say the Honey-Coated Sweet Potato Jerky Treats that we make. Our testers will eat them, but not nearly with the same excitement as the chicken, beef, or pork jerky.

As of now, we offer Chicken Jerky, Beef, Pork Jerky, Pig Ear Slivers, And Honey-Coated Sweet Potato Treats. Our online presence is still growing, so with time, more flavors will become available. The list below will show you what we are working on next…

  • Turkey Jerky Treats
  • Deer Jerky Treats
  • Ham Jerky Treats
  • Duck Jerky Treats
  • Lamb Jerky Treats

Is It Really Made Is The USA?

Yes, it is. All our ingredients — from the chicken to the sweet potatoes — are 100% sourced from the USA. A lot of brands and products will say that the product is made in the USA, but they won’t point out where they actually get the ingredients from. This is a clever trick that fools A LOT of people into thinking it’s an American-made product when it’s really not.

  • Our chicken mainly comes from Amick Farms (South Carolina) , Hobson Food Services Inc. (Nashville, TN), Pilgrims Pride Corporation (Colorado)
  • Our pork comes from Indiana Kitchen (Delphi, Indiana USA) and Hormel.
  • Our beef comes from IBP (A Tyson Brand), Located in Hillsdale, Illinois
  • Our pig ears come from Tyson Brand, Located in Hillsdale, Illinois
  • Our sweet potatoes comes from local growers and farmers, all located in Tennessee.

If purchased from a different distributor (WHICH DOES HAPPEN) — during price hikes and/or shortages for example — then we always make sure it’s an AMERICAN distributor. We will settle for nothing less and neither will our customers!