Our Very Experienced Jerky Testers

We don’t just “assume” we have great jerky treats, we know it! How do we know? Because of our very experienced & extraordinarily picky jerky taste testers! They let us know right away what’s good and what isn’t. In fact, if it weren’t for them and our never ending effort of trying to please them, well then we wouldn’t even have known to start our Just Jerky Treats business in the first place! Without further ado, here they are..

She Goes Crazy For This Stuff!

Molly Mo — Head of The Testing Department. Also known as Mosley, Molly The Mo, and The MoMo. She is a mixed breed — Rat Terrier & Chihuahua. She is very loving and affectionate to our family, but a bit aggressive towards strangers; and much more so than we’d like to be honest. She is extremely vocal to anything “new” or anything that scares her.

Molly is extremely picky when it comes to dog treats and regular dog food. Turns her nose at just about everything unless it’s specialty treats. She’s the whole reason why we had to start making our own dog treats, because she just wouldn’t eat the store bought stuff. When she went nuts after we landed on “chicken jerky” — we tried beef, pork, turkey, and sweet potato — we knew we had something big!

Pippy Tests Some More Jerky!

This Is Pippy, “Assistant Tester”. AKA Pippy-Bo, The Pipster, and Pips. She is a very small — and we do mean small —¬†Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix. Unlike Molly who will growl and snarl and bark at strangers, Pippy will jump up on anybody’s lap in a heartbeat. In fact, if you have a treat for her, she’ll be your best and most loyal friend forever — or until someone else pulls out a treat and then she’ll be gone just as quick as she arrived!

Pippy isn’t all that picky when it comes to food and dog treats. Ehh, who am I kidding, she is the least picky dog on the planet! Whatever you got, she wants it & she wants it NOW. Doesn’t matter what it is or what it’s made from, she is happy to give it a try and won’t hesitate to jump on your lap and let you know face to face!

She may only be an “assistant tester” of our jerky treats, but she is still a loyal part of the team and we value her input. After all, if the dog who would eat anything refuses to eat one of our treats, well, then we’d know we have a problem. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet and Pippy gobbles up every single jerky treat we give her; she has yet to reject even one!

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