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Welcome to, our incredibly simple and easy to use website that will tell you everything you need to know about us and our all natural, AMERICAN-made jerky products.

Please take a few moments to browse around and get to know us, what we’re about, and why we are EXTREMELY confident that you’ll never buy from another supplier again once you try our natural chicken jerky dog treats. They’re really THAT good!

Should You Trust Us?

We now have hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and hundreds more on Ebay too. We’re rated 5 stars on Amazon and have 99.9% positive feedback on ebay. We now our own review page that tells the same story! So yes, I will say you can definitely trust us, we won’t let you down!

How to Buy…

We have our products listed on You can buy through them if you prefer. Links below.

Chicken JerkyPork, Sweet Potato, & BeefPig Ear Slivers


You can buy direct from us. Just go to our All Natural Dog Jerky Treats page to place your order.

How We Got Started…

We launched this website in mid-2012 after the reports of dogs being poisoned (and many even dieing) from imported dog treats made in china; specifically “chicken jerky” products. While we had been selling locally for quite some time, we had no idea there was such a massive calling for all natural, USA-made dog treats.

That was when we figured out that we actually had a worthwhile product that people not only wanted, but NEEDED — something that dog owners could feel entirely safe & comfortable with when they fed it to their beloved dogs.

Are Just Jerky Treats Products Really All Natural?

Yes, they most certainly are. We don’t use any chemicals, any preservatives, or fillers in our jerky products. Everything is 100% natural and healthy for your dogs. Not only is it all natural, but it’s ACTUAL chicken breast! Not chicken parts or chicken by-products, but a whole breast of chicken. The same goes for our pork jerky, beef jerky, and our sweet potato treats…. which are actually made from REAL pork, REAL beef, and REAL sweet potatoes.

What Other Products Do You Offer Besides Chicken Jerky For Dogs?

The chicken jerky is without a doubt our flagship product and we promote that to our customers more than anything else. The reason being is that no dog seems capable of turning these chicken jerky treats away. They ALWAYS gobble them up without hesitation, unlike say the Honey-Coated Sweet Potato Jerky Treats that we make. Our testers will eat them, but not nearly with the same excitement as the chicken, beef, or pork jerky.

As of now, we offer Chicken Jerky, Beef, Pork Jerky, Pig Ear Slivers, And Honey-Coated Sweet Potato Treats. Our online presence is still growing, so with time, more flavors will become available. The list below will show you what we are working on next…

  • Turkey Jerky Treats
  • Deer Jerky Treats
  • Ham Jerky Treats
  • Duck Jerky Treats
  • Lamb Jerky Treats

Is It Really Made Is The USA?

Yes, it is. All our ingredients — from the chicken to the sweet potatoes — are 100% sourced from the USA. A lot of brands and products will say that the product is made in the USA, but they won’t point out where they actually get the ingredients from. This is a clever trick that fools A LOT of people into thinking it’s an American-made product when it’s really not.

  • Our chicken mainly comes from Amick Farms (South Carolina) , Hobson Food Services Inc. (Nashville, TN), Pilgrims Pride Corporation (Colorado)
  • Our pork comes from Indiana Kitchen (Delphi, Indiana USA) and Hormel.
  • Our beef comes from IBP (A Tyson Brand), Located in Hillsdale, Illinois
  • Our pig ears come from Tyson Brand, Located in Hillsdale, Illinois
  • Our sweet potatoes comes from local growers and farmers, all located in Tennessee.

If purchased from a different distributor (WHICH CAN AND DOES HAPPEN) — during price hikes and/or shortages for example — then we always make sure it’s an AMERICAN distributor. We will settle for nothing less and neither will our customers! Nothing will EVER EVER EVER EVER Be From China. That is Our Guarantee!

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10 Responses to All Natural, American Made Dog Treats | It’s About Dog-Gone Time!

  1. Danielle Binzer says:

    Please, Please come out with duck jerky ASAP! I’ve been online for hours trying to find a company that sells USA made duck jerky. There are only a few that I can find made in the US, but none of them are actually just 100% duck jerky (with the 1 or 2 preservatives needed) they all contain other ingredients like brown rice or rawhide. Please contact me as soon as you know when you will have these! Thanks!

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t give my dog chicken or beef due to allergy concerns, but he loves duck jerky and it has been very difficult to find something made in the U.S., so I can’t wait for your new products to come out.

  3. Laurel says:

    Hi. Please, please let me know when you start selling duck jerky. We are desperate for some sourced/made in the USA products. Thank you!!!

  4. michael says:

    please contact me when duck jerky is available

  5. dale duckert says:

    like to know if the chicken jerky pictured is pliable. Our Katrina survivor does not eat beef jerky. Southern at heart. Thank you

  6. julie says:

    I have a question about these treats which I have bought many times. There e mail doesnt work. I is a problem when you want answers

  7. Judy Leatherman says:

    Do these chicken jerky treats need to be refrigerated after opening the pouch? It should state on the package if this is necessary.

  8. Judy says:

    Thank you for your product. I have the pleasure of having the most finiky black pug on the planet! The only treat she would ever consider was Dogswell Happy Hips. Well I was very concerned that this was made in China. There were other chicken jerky treats but they had smoked flavoring, or looked too thick for her liking. Her jaw is slightly mishapen, and this is an issue…I could go on all day about her issues….long story short…she loves these! I fell that I am giving her something that I have confidence in. Anything to make Dibley happy…thanks again…

  9. Deb Abramson says:

    WOW! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my just jerky treats since I ordered them from I could not believe it when I opened the first package. How fresh they were! Why, they looked like I could eat them! The idea of including the ziploc bags for storing the opened bags of jerky is a great idea, they are right there, no looking for a bag of my own, just opened the bag fed my dogs(all four of them) and put the opened bags into the ziploc bag and into the refrig they went. I also liked the fact that the 2lbs that I ordered were actually packaged into 1/2 lb vacuumed bags as well, once again insuring the freshness of the product. You have a life time customer right here. I’m praying for your company and hope that it’s a huge hit in America. Yes we did need a “true blue” American product and thanks for listing where you get the actual ingredients, that says alot. I am anxiously awaiting the new flavors especially the duck! Many thanks and God Bless You! Deb Abramson, Rusty, Bailey, Toby, and Lucy! YUM! I will recommend these every chance I get!

  10. Samantha Sherrill says:

    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for CLEARLY stating that your products are sourced in the USA! So many are saying “Made in USA”, “Made in America” among other cleverly disguised advertising, when in fact, yes they are made here with rawhide imported from China!! Ughhh …. people need to learn to READ the labels and not just stop with the BIG American Flag on the front of packages! If it doesn’t state about where it’s sourced, contact the company and INVESTIGATE FURTHER! Again, Thank-you. My clients expect me to keep their pets safe while boarding and you are helping me do this 🙂

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